Become an International SCN8A Alliance

Partner Organization

The International SCN8A Alliance was launched as a partnership between two patient and research-focused organizations, Wishes for Elliott and the Shay Emma Hammer Research Foundation, to facilitate coordination and collaboration across the growing global network of patient organizations focused on SCN8A.

We celebrate and want to help amplify the diversity of efforts to support the growing and diverse SCN8A population and recognize the importance of integrated data on our rare and still poorly understood disorder. We believe that if we all commit  to ongoing communication and collaboration, we hold the best chance to minimize duplication and support each other in our shared effort to accelerate improved outcomes for all those living with SCN8A.

In the interest of advancing the understanding of and treatments for our loved ones with SCN8A as rapidly as possible, let's work together!

Benefits of Becoming an International SCN8A Alliance Partner

  • Partner in coordinated global effort to accelerate research and improved care and outcomes of SCN8A patients

  • Participate in network meetings led by Dr. Hammer focused on advancing bidirectional learning about the complex genetics of SCN8A

  • Build a subpage on The Alliance website to communicate role and activities of each Alliance partner and feature partner organizations in our diverse media

  • Partner in SCN8A Unraveled educational series selecting topics and exploring translation

  • Participate in programming and priorities of DEE-P Connections, providing broad resources to broad DEE community

  • The Alliance will promote partner programming/announcements on website and social media

International SCN8A Alliance Partner Responsibilities

  • Participate in Quarterly Coordination meeting of Alliance partners

  • Share information about and encourage participation in longitudinal International SCN8A Registry with community as high payoff strategy for expanding understanding of SCN8A

  • Promote activities and resources of The Alliance

  • Work collaboratively via regular communication to enhance coordination and reduce duplication

  • Always work in ways that advance the SCN8A community and avoid replication of efforts, in particular when it comes to data

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For additional information or to explore becoming an International SCN8A Alliance partner, contact President & Co-Founder, Gabi Conecker at