Becoming an Alliance Partner

The 8AAlliance welcomes any organization, public, private, whether incorporated or not, that wishes to partner in advancing a cure for SCN8A.

Partnerships may take different forms with established family or professional organizations. Share your ideas on how we can improve communication, coordination, and collaboration where our interests and priorities overlay.

We recognize each of you has numerous programs and services as well. We have no intention of trying to replace what you are doing, rather to complement it. Our hope is to establish a community for collaboration – streamlining communications and reducing duplication of efforts. We hope this will be a space for all stakeholders to gather, support each other and work together to expedite finding answers for our children.

All partners will be invited to participate in a wide range of 8AAlliance initiatives. 8AAlliance partners are expected to share a commitment to collaboratively advancing SCN8A research, improving SCN8A treatments, promoting and expanding the dedicated International SCN8A registry, and supporting efforts to accelerate finding a cure for SCN8A epilepsy and related disorders.

To apply, please complete the following, and then let’s begin the exploration of how our interests and priorities align to accelerating a cure.