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Convening Research Conferences

Convening and Hosting of Scientific Meetings

As our first major initiative, Wishes for Elliott convened – for the very first time – SCN8A researchers and clinicians from across the globe.

This effort began a real dialogue among key researchers and generated several seminal publications and increased coordination among researchers on the largely intractable challenges SCN8A children are facing.

The conference was highly effective in supporting expanded communication and coordination among the varied experts and itself played a role in advancing the scientific understanding of SCN8A. Two promising initiatives were identified which became Wishes for Elliott agenda over the next two years: convening an Open Clinic to help develop critical clinical data on a wide range of children with SCN8A mutations and convene a meeting of scientists cutting across the sodium channelopathies to explore potential synergies and possibly new research directions.

The invitation-only meeting provided a unique opportunity for senior researchers in various channelopathies to focus on key scientific questions, encouraging investigators to think outside of their own areas of expertise and brainstorm ways to accelerate the pace of answers and better treatments for the thousands of children affected by these three devastating disorders.

Hosting of 1st Meeting of Sodium Channelopathy Coalition

We partnered with leaders of the Dravet Syndrome (SCN1A) Foundation and FamilieSCN2A to bring leading scientists together to identify possible synergies and opportunities to accelerate progress toward treatment of the diverse and devastating sodium channelopathies.

Hear about our impact from our professional partners

John Schreiber M.D.

Miriam Meisier, Ph.D.

Penny Dacks, Ph.D

Ranmal Samarasinghel M.D., PhD

Letonia Copeland-Hardin, Ph.D.

Chris Makinson, Ph.D

Jack Parent, M.D.

Manoj Patel, Ph.D.

Rosie Bunton-Stasyshyn, PhD

Penny Dacks, Ph.D.

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Support for Partners Against Mortality in Epilepsy conference

We were pleased to support the Partners Against Mortality in Epilepsy conference in May 2018. This powerful coalition has had significant impacts helping to provide research and collaboration to reduce the tragically high mortality rate in many of the rare epilepsies.