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SCN8A Research

We are a trusted source for clinicians to find information for the care and treatment of those living with SCN8A. Our Consensus for the Diagnosis and Treatment of SCN8A, along with the other information helps clinicians provide improved care and treatment.

SCN8A advocacy groups working across borders to find solutions for SCN8A families.

SCN8A Research Roadmap

Advancing collaboration on research priorities and setting the pace for progress in of SCN8A science. The research roadmap targets improving treatments and outcomes for individuals affected by SCN8A. Learn about our plans and how you can contribute to this vital work.

SCN8A Patient Registry

We are excited about collaboration. If you are interested in research around SCN8A-releated disorders or other rare epilepsies, PLEASE let us know. We want to hear from you. Currently we work with over a dozen labs and to advance the science of SCN8A.

SCN8A Gene Topology

Learn about the work of the Invitation only SCN8A Research Consortium meeting quarterly to share updates on ongoing work, share assets, and develop new collaborative projects [not sure if we’d open up an application process??]

Learn about the International SCN8A Registry, highlights of what’s been learned and how to collaborate/get access to registry data for planned research projects

Follow the public Facebook group where updates on our programs, research, and new findings from the SCN8A Registry are shared

Learn more about the Alliance’s Global Research Strategy and efforts to accelerate progress toward better treatments and outcomes – and how to get involved

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