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Resources For Clinicians

SCN8A Clinicians

Distinguishing SCN8A from Other Epilepsies

Vital resources for clinicians to treat SCN8A-related disorders. Detailed information on the spectrum of clinical features including treatments that consider function, phenotype, variant, and lived experiences.

Consensus for the Diagnosis
& Treatment of SCN8A

The First Global Consensus for the Diagnosis and Treatment of SCN8A-Related Disorders give clinicians a foundation for building a successful care and treatment plan.

Consensus for the Diagnosis and Treatment of SCN8A
SCN8A advocacy groups working across borders to find solutions for SCN8A families.

SCN8A Research Roadmap

Advancing collaboration on research priorities and setting the pace for progress in of SCN8A science. The research roadmap targets improving treatments and outcomes for individuals affected by SCN8A. Learn about our plans and how you can contribute to this vital work.

Global Leaders Alliance

An initiative to synchronize efforts in education, resources, data collection, and maintain a unified global research strategy. This alliance is instrumental in coordinating global efforts to tackle SCN8A epilepsy. Discover how global leaders are making a difference. [Link to page on Global Leaders]

Global SCN8A Alliance Partners

Get updates on the expansion of the Global SCN8A Clinicians Network including how I could participate

Learn about the Developmental and Epileptic Encephalopathy Project (DEE-P Connections) providing clinicians and DEE families access to webinars and curated resources on over 70 topics of primary interest to care and treatment of those with severe DEEs

Learn about the International SCN8A Registry, highlights of what’s been learned and how to collaborate/get access to registry data for research 

Follow the public Facebook group where updates on our programs, research, and new findings from the SCN8A Registry are shared

Learn more about the Alliance’s Global Research Strategy and efforts to accelerate progress toward better treatments and outcomes – and how to get involved.

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