SCN8A Unraveled

At the international SCN8A Alliance, we believe firmly that every family - no matter their background, education, or medical experience - has the right to be able to understand the science of SCN8A and what is happening with their child. With this new series, SCN8A Unraveled, we are on a mission to help SCN8A families gain access to and better understand recent research and publications about SCN8A. With this information, families will be able to better raise awareness and advocate for their children.

Developing an SCN8A ASO with
Sophie Hill

SCN8A Genotype-Phenotype Correlations with Katrine Johannesen

Using Mouse Models to Understand SCN8A with Jennifer Wong

SCN8A and SUDEP with Eric Wengert

What Should We Unravel Next?

This series was made possible with support from Praxis Precision Medicines

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