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SCN8A Unraveled

SCN8A Unraveled: Understand SCN8A-related Disorders

Videos With SCN8A Professionals

The Unraveled series brings you the latest information from researchers in the SCN8A community.

Every family – no matter their scientific or medical experience – has the right to be able to understand SCN8A and how it’s affecting their child. This is why we created the Unraveled series. We’re on a mission to empower SCN8A families with the latest research about SCN8A; to enable families to better advocate for their children.

The International SCN8A Registry with Jennifer Andrews

SCN8A Genotype-Phenotype Correlations with Katrine Johannesen

Fenfluramine & SCN8A w/ Ángel Aledo-Serrano

Pursuing Personalized Medicine in SCN8A with Josh Hack

Using Mouse Models to Understand SCN8A with Jennifer Wong

SCN8A and SUDEP with Eric Wengert

Developing an SCN8A ASO w/ Sophie Hill

What Should We Unravel Next?

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